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What are the key applications of OGP in the plastics and rubber sector?

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Whether it’s ensuring the safety of medical devices or the durability of aerospace parts, the plastics and rubber sector produce delicate, vital components across a range of industries and applications. 

OGP’s advanced multi-sensor technology meticulously captures the finest details of plastic and rubber components, utilising the best-suited sensors to achieve the most accurate measurement results without risk of damage or movement of the part during the inspection process. 

What plastic and rubber applications are ideal for OGP UK multi-sensor measurement? 


Injection moulded parts

3D printed parts

Plastic components

Unlike traditional measurement methods that risk deformation, OGP’s non-contact laser and optic sensors provide the perfect solution for measuring the delicate and complex surfaces and dimensions of plastic components, including injection moulded parts, 3D printed parts and plastic components. 



Rubber seals 

Tips & caps

OGP multi-sensor measurement offers a comprehensive solution for a range of rubber applications, including critical parts such as O-rings, seals, tips and caps. Its non-contact optical and laser sensors deliver rapid, high-precision measurement of key dimensions without any risk of damage or movement of the component during the inspection process. 


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