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Redefining precision measurement

SprintMVP 624

XYZ travel: 624 x 624 x 200mm

Load capacity: 30 kg

XY accuracy (µm):  3.5+8L/1000

Z accuracy (µm): 5.0+8L/1000

Electronic components, batch measurements, plastic and rubber parts, critical components, extruded parts, additive manufactured parts, stamped parts, machined parts, cast-forged parts, micro parts

The pinnacle of precision

This fully automatic, 3-axis dimensional video measuring machine is meticulously designed to handle even the most challenging measuring tasks. With its colossal granite base ensuring unwavering stability, the SprintMVP 624 is engineered to effortlessly accommodate large, heavy parts and fixtures.

Unyielding durability

Engineered with heavy-duty construction and stable materials, the SprintMVP 624 is crafted to thrive in the harshest shopfloor conditions.

Astounding part clarity

Motorised zoom lens optics equipped with a high-resolution digital colour camera bring every detail to life with exceptional clarity.

Expand your measurement

An optional extended Z-axis enables you to measure larger components with effortless ease. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a realm of unlimited potential.


Automate your inspection

Featuring the full function Measure-X  software, the SprintMVP 624 empowers you with fully automatic routines. Seamlessly navigate a world of effortless precision and automate the measuring process with unparalleled efficiency. Embrace a new level of productivity, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – achieving remarkable results.


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