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Coordinate Measuring Quality

FlexPoint 7-Series

XYZ travel: 700 x 700 x 600mm

Optional Y axis: 1100/1500mm

XY accuracy (µm): 3.0+5L/1000

Z accuracy (µm): 3.0+5L/1000

Electronic components, large components, batch measurements, plastic and rubber parts, critical components, extruded parts, additive manufactured parts, stamped parts, machined parts, cast-forged parts

Redefining dimensional measurement

FlexPoint revolutionises dimensional measurement for large format parts. Using its unique blend of sensors, CAD-based programming and flexible data-gathering systems, FlexPoint delivers unparalleled versatility to solve a myriad of measurement challenges.

Inspection. But not as you know it.

Uncompromising precision

Experience true precision with FlexPoint's factory volumetric compensation, utilising the advanced Etalon LaserTRACER system. This high-precision solution guarantees the lowest possible uncertainty, ensuring accurate measurements that instil confidence.

Fast software. Fast measurements.

ZONE3 CAD-based metrology software delivers complete flexibility for multi-sensor measurements with a CAD model.

Compact design. Large work envelope.

FlexPoint's patented design features enable a larger measuring volume within a compact footprint. This innovation guarantees high-speed motion, thermal stability, and vibration isolation, offering optimal performance in versatile measurement tasks.

The multi-sensor advantage

Experience the power of FlexPoint's multi-sensor capabilities, specifically designed to cater to diverse measurement needs. FlexPoint supports a wide array of tactile and non-contact sensors, equipping you with the tools to tackle any measurement task confidently.

Stable and Robust Design for Demanding Shopfloor Environments

A stable transport design, paired with carefully chosen materials and rigid body members, ensures FlexPoint's robustness in the most challenging production environments.

Redefining inspection

FlexPoint signifies a new era in dimensional measurement. Its unrivalled sensor versatility, premium construction, and precise compensation capabilities redefine what’s possible in coordinate measuring systems.

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