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Programmable Ring Light

Automatically adjust the angle of incidence and color of the illumination

Automatically change the angle of incidence and colour of illumination

The Programmable Ring Light (PRL) offers the ability to automatically change the angle of incidence and color of illumination in addition to intensity and direction of illumination.

How does it work?

Red, green, and blue LED’s are arranged symmetrically in four quadrants to provide multiple colors of illumination for part measurement. All three colors can also be combined to provide an additional white light source.

The light is directed through parabolic mirrors to redirect towards the surface of a part. The PRL height in relation to the part can be automatically adjusted to change the angle of incidence of the illumination from up to 75° down to 10°.

Fixed Optics are specifically designed to work with the PRL. All lenses are parfocal so as the PRL moves through its range, the angle of incidence remains the same for the same programmed positions of its mirrors, regardless of the lens.

Multicolor PRL’s come standard on Benchmark, Pinnacle, and Summit systems with all green, blue, and white versions available for applications where multiple colors are not needed and a greater single color intensity is desired.

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