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Flawless Multisensor Measurements

CNC 1500

XYZ travel: 900 x 1500 x 200mm

Load capacity: 100kg

XY accuracy (µm): 5.0+6L/1000 

Z accuracy (µm): 3.0+8L/1000 

Electronic components, batch measurements, plastic and rubber parts, critical components, extruded parts, additive manufactured parts, stamped parts, machined parts, cast-forged parts, micro parts

Reimagining Precision

Offering unparalleled accuracy and steadfast reliability, the SmartScope CNC 1500 is the essential addition to the shopfloor for advanced, complex component measurement.

Reduce cycle times by up to 75%

Efficient automated part positioning achieves the ideal alignment for precise component measurements in a single step.

Reduce human errors

Automatic centring in the field of view allows for meticulous part measurement, significantly reducing inaccuracies.

Automation assistance

Rapid routine inspections and automated complex tasks speed up component inspection times with our advanced measurement system.

Benefits of CNC 1500

Sub-micron Level Component Measurement

Measure intricate parts with complex geometries, from large parts to minuscule features, the CNC 1500 allows you to measure to within ½ a micron tolerance.

SmartRing light provides unrivalled surface illumination for superior optical performance.

Patented innovations in multisensor technology make measuring parts easy and open up an extensive range of automatic measurement possibilities.


Unbeatable quality.

Constructed expertly with a range of key features to ensure lightning-fast, high-resolution measurements.

The CNC 1500 effortlessly combines laser, touch probes, and optics into one comprehensive measurement solution.

Enhanced Efficiency

Less waste and rework, the CNC 1500 is remarkably accurate, helping cut down production costs and elevate productivity. With its sophisticated optical system and precise movement, it excels at measuring even the most complex components with ease.

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