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3D laser scanning for inspection in seconds


Measuring range: 300L x 100 Ø mm

Volumetric scan accuracy (µm): 6+L/100  

Minimum scanning speed: 155,000 pts/s

Maximum scanning speed: 1,500,000 pts/s

Rapid prototyping, manufacturing, quality control, reverse engineering

Redefining 3D Scanning & Measurement

The ShapeGrabber Ai320 is an industrial milestone in precision, effortlessly catering to diverse parts and materials. This automatic 3D scanner delivers a high density of data points in a matter of minutes.

Maximise productivity with user-friendly operations that avoid the need for comprehensive operator training.

Effortlessly reduce your workload by accomplishing measurements in a fraction of the time of traditional measurement systems.

Ensure error-free operation and save on maintenance costs through automated calibration and rigorous testing routines.

Automated Scanning for All Parts. Covered

Utilise the Ai320 for rapid prototyping, industrial manufacturing, meticulous quality control, or reverse engineering. This tool stands as the ultimate resource for precise and automated measurements.

Excellence from every angle

Showcase your prowess in measuring complex shapes across a wide spectrum of colours and finishes, courtesy of a 360° rotary table and superior vertical motion.

Automated 3D Scanning Simplified

Initiating scans is as streamlined as a single click, yielding consistent measurement results


Precise Measurements

Capture the finest details with over 1,500,000 data points acquired per second

Industrial 3D Model Inspection Made to Measure

The ShapeGrabber Ai320 employs an articulated arm design to secure high-accuracy and rapid measurements of objects. It excels at both point-to-point and linear measurements, allowing the measurement of any object or shape without relocation.

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