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Measurement solutions for the manufacturing industry

measurement in manufacturing

Reliable and accurate inspection

In an inspection process, parts are examined to determine quality and identify potential problems that might cause them to fail to perform as expected. Measurement plays an important role in the process, and mismeasurements and human error can be the source of failures later down the line. That’s why OGP machines utilise the latest technological innovations, combining lasers, optics and probes to measure thousands of data points in seconds, ensuring fast and accurate throughput.

Why use multi-sensor measurement for the manufacturing industry?

Enhanced accuracy

Combine data from multiple sensors for a more accurate and reliable measurement. This improved accuracy helps ensure that parts meet quality standards and perform as expected.

Comprehensive measurement

Manufactured components often have complex geometries and a variety of features that require precise measurement. OGP multi-sensor systems can combine optical, touch-probe, and laser sensors to capture dimensional, surface and form data.


Efficiency & speed

With multiple sensors integrated into a single system, different measurement tasks can be performed without the need for manual sensor changes or setups. This saves time and increases productivity.

Futureproof inspection

OGP manufactures state of the art measuring systems designed to withstand the demands of modern manufacturing, ensuring 100% accuracy of components. The best-in-class solution for both reliability and repeatability, OGP multi-sensor CMMs are the future of inspection at manufacturing facilities.

What you can measure:

Conquer your measurement challenges

OGP multi-sensor measuring machines are designed to withstand the challenges of everyday measuring. No matter the challenge your team faces, OGP UK experts are on-hand to find the best means of measuring your parts.

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