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Measurement solutions for the energy industry

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OGP’s multi-sensor measurement machines provide precise and accurate measurements of critical components used in power generation, oil and gas, and renewable energy sectors. With the ability to combine optical, touch probe and laser sensors, they enable comprehensive inspection, dimensional analysis, and surface quality assessment, ensuring components meet stringent specifications and quality standards.

Why use multi-sensor measurement for the energy sector?

Enhanced accuracy

Combine data from multiple sensors for a more accurate and reliable measurement. This improved accuracy helps ensure that parts meet quality standards and perform as expected.

Comprehensive measurement

Critical components often have complex geometries and a variety of features that require precise measurement. OGP multi-sensor systems can combine optical, touch-probe, and laser sensors to capture dimensional, surface and form data.


Efficiency & speed

With multiple sensors integrated into a single system, different measurement tasks can be performed without the need for manual sensor changes or setups. This saves time and increases productivity.

Confidence in quality.

Improved product quality, enhanced operational efficiency and reduced downtime are just some of the benefits of using OGP’s multi-sensor measurement systems. They can also facilitate alignment and positioning tasks, enabling precise installation of equipment, such as turbines and generators, to optimise performance and minimise vibration issues. The integration with data management systems such as Prolink allows for efficient data capture, analysis and traceability, supporting quality control and process optimisation.

What you can measure:

Conquer your measurement challenges

OGP multi-sensor measuring machines are designed to withstand the challenges of everyday measuring. No matter the challenge your team faces, OGP UK experts are on-hand to find the best means of measuring your energy parts.

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