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Engineered for Advanced Inspection

CNC 670

XYZ travel: 650 x 660 x 200 (300, 400)mm

Load capacity: 130kg

XY accuracy (µm): 2.0+5L/1000

Z accuracy (µm): 3.0+8L/1000

Electronic components, batch measurements, plastic and rubber parts, critical components, extruded parts, additive manufactured parts, stamped parts, machined parts, cast-forged parts, micro parts

Precision Multi-sensor Measurement System

A comprehensive multi-sensor CMM designed for the shopfloor, the SmartScope CNC 670 excels in measuring linear, angular, rotational and displacement parameters in three dimensions with utmost accuracy.

Reduce cycle times by up to 75%

Experience faster operations with our automated part positioning, designed for ideal alignment and optimal quality assurance measurements in a single step.

Reduce human errors

Employ automatic centring in the field of view for precision-focused part measurements, significantly reducing human error in automated quality control.

Automation assistance

Our system provides quick routine inspections and automated complex tasks, dramatically speeding up quality assurance inspection times.

Benefits of CNC 670

All angles covered

Our moving gantry design allows large measurement volume, perfectly suited for challenging parts. Traverse rigid granite rails in the X-axis, while the part moves in the Y-axis to cover all angles comprehensively.

The SmartRing light ensures superior surface illumination, enhancing optical performance for precision multi-sensor measurements.

Our patented innovations simplify part measurements and extend the range of measuring possibilities.


Unbeatable quality.

Expertly crafted with key features for lightning-fast, high-resolution measurements, our system streamlines data collection through automated sequences, minimising operator intervention.

Program data collection in an automated sequence to minimise operator intervention.

Exceptional Accuracy with Zero Compromise

Engineered for unmatched precision and reliability, the CNC 670 offers multi-sensor versatility for a more accurate, efficient output, ensuring top-tier automated quality assurance.

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