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Rainbow Probe

Rainbow Probe is an electro-optical device that measures surfaces without contact by analysing changes in the optical spectrum as a function of part-to-probe spacing as it scans.

Precision Measurements for a Broad Range of Materials

Easily measure transparent, translucent, fragile, liquid or easily deformable surfaces. It can be easily integrated with other sensors on measurement systems and comes with dual measuring modes for selecting distance or thickness. A selection of CL-series and RP-series probes, each with a unique measuring range, working distance, axial resolution, accuracy and spot size, are available.

0.02 - 3 µm
Working distance
3.3 - 32mm
Axial resolution
0.036 - 4.8 µm
Spot size diameter
1.8 - 43 µm
Max. data rate
1,000 samples/sec

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