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Compact, quick and easy to use

Vantage 250

XYZ travel: 300 x 150 x 200mm

Load capacity:  25kg

XY accuracy (µm): 1.8+4L/1000

Z accuracy (µm): 2.0+5L/1000

Electronic components, batch measurements, plastic and rubber parts, critical components, extruded parts, additive manufactured parts, stamped parts, machined parts, cast-forged parts, micro parts

Gain the advantage

Experience precision like never before with the SmartScope® Vantage 250 – the ideal benchtop multi-sensor measuring system for inspecting small and intricate components quickly. Overcome measurement challenges effortlessly with this highly efficient, compact, and user-friendly system.

Combined illumination from the SmartRing® coaxial surface light and standard profile light captures all angles and surfaces flawlessly, enhancing your video-assisted metrology experience.

Our IntelliCentric fixed lens optical system integrates 10:1 TeleStar zoom optics and autofocus, enabling sensor interchangeability. This includes optional touch probes and DRS lasers, offering extensive multi-sensor versatility for any application.

The air-bearing Z-axis motion system ensures frictionless motion and optimal rigidity, promoting efficient measurements with scanning probes regardless of part complexity.

Small parts?
No problem.

This benchtop multi-sensor measuring system is specifically engineered for handling smaller components or for scenarios where space is limited.

Maximised throughput.

Merge various sensors for comprehensive three-dimensional measurements, guaranteeing the highest degree of accuracy, repeatability, and speed in your measurement operations.

Seven different sensor options

Achieve unparalleled measurement accuracy with multiple sensors - all within a single machine.

Illumination at all angles

The SmartRing® coaxial surface light ensures every angle is perfectly illuminated for flawless video-assisted measurements.

Efficient and accurate. Every time.

The entry-level SmartScope® Vantage 250 from our flagship range is packed with advanced design features and capabilities, ensuring reliable and repeatable measurements.

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Access the full technical details of the Vantage 250 today. Uncover vital data points, including information on build size, accuracy, speed, and integrations.

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