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Measurement solutions for the precision engineering industry

measurement in precision engineering

Multi-sensor makes light of the hard work

All-angle lighting combined with video detection, lasers, rotaries and touch probes makes multi-sensor metrology systems the most reliable industry option in precision engineering. A smooth production line brings you towards the end of an enduring process, but taking your foot off the gas and putting inspection by the wayside could have financial and time consequences. Multi-sensor rounds off your hard-work by making light of measuring complex components.

Why use multi-sensor measurement for precision engineering?

Enhanced accuracy

Combine data from multiple sensors for a more accurate and reliable measurement. This improved accuracy helps ensure that parts meet quality standards and perform as expected.

Comprehensive measurement

Precision engineered components often have complex geometries and a variety of features that require precise measurement. OGP multi-sensor systems can combine optical, touch-probe, and laser sensors to capture dimensional, surface and form data.


Efficiency & speed

With multiple sensors integrated into a single system, different measurement tasks can be performed without the need for manual sensor changes or setups. This saves time and increases productivity.

Measurement. Verified.

Engineering companies need to be able to demonstrate that their components adhere to strict, micron-tight tolerances through a verification process that can analyse the acquisition of component surface data down to the last micron. This verification process can only be carried out with world-leading measurement technology to enable engineering companies to guarantee their customers the highest standards of quality.

What you can measure:

Conquer your measurement challenges

OGP multi-sensor measuring machines are designed to withstand the challenges of everyday measuring. No matter the challenge your team faces, OGP UK experts are on-hand to find the best means of measuring your precision components.

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