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Touch-tight measurements for every task


Why Use Measurement Probes?

Every application is unique. Each precision measurement task requires diverse sensors for optimal and accurate inspection. Though modern optics, lasers, and video detection are advanced, intricate or hard-to-reach features may demand a specialised probe. Measurement probes can collect data discreetly, aggregating multiple data points to manage the most complex components.

What Types of Probes Are Available?

OGP offers a comprehensive array of measuring solutions, from scanning probes designed to acquire data points remotely for intricate components to feather probes with a trigger touch lighter than a feather for use with the most delicate components.

Feather Probe

These mini stylus devices can acquire surface data points with mere milligrams of pressure on the surface, ensuring safe use with delicate components.

Scanning Probe

Designed for automation, scanning probes effortlessly acquire data points between user-defined start and end points, regardless of surface complexity.

Touch Probe

Our Touch Probe enhances access for challenging-to-reach part features, accurately measuring a point at a time.

Rainbow Probe

As an innovative electro-optical device, the Rainbow Probe performs measurements by analysing shifts in the optical spectrum, providing unparalleled precision.

TeleStar Probe

Featuring a self-contained off-axis interferometric range sensor, TeleStar Probes offer the ideal solution for surface contour measurement.

Want to find out more?

Elevate your inspection process with our multi-sensor solutions.

Explore how multi-sensor versatility can enhance your inspection output, offering more reliable parts and greater customer satisfaction. Allow our team of measurement experts to provide the perfect solutions for your unique challenges.