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Laser Precision: Every Measurement Counts


Why use lasers?

When it comes to dimensional inspection, laser measurement stands out due to its speed and efficiency. OGP’s wide variety of laser retrofits are designed for diverse use cases, ensuring swift data acquisition across different applications.

What kind of lasers are there?

With every OGP multi-sensor machine comes a laser retrofit ready to spring into action. From high-speed measurements to intricate assessments of hard-to-reach features, laser functionality is an excellent way to enhance the versatility of your machine routines.

DRS Laser

Transform Surface Profiling with the Dynamic Range Sensor (DRS) Laser.

TeleStar Plus

Experience Fast, Accurate Miniature Feature Measurements with TeleStar Plus.

TTL Laser

The Perfect Solution for Matte, Rough and Highly Reflective Surfaces: TTL Laser.

Want to find out more?

Elevate your inspection process with multi-sensor versatility.

Explore how adopting multi-sensor versatility can boost your inspection results, leading to more reliable parts and increased customer satisfaction. Allow our team of experts to tailor the perfect solution for your measurement challenges.