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Measurement solutions for extruded parts

OGP measurement for extruded parts

Plastic extrusion is the lowest cost and highest volume plastic production process.

Used primarily for pipes, tubes, insulations, doors, windows and blinds, it makes large low cost parts efficiently. Plastics are natural insulators and using plastic extrusion can create flexible materials ideal for electronic and wire casings.

Why use multi-sensor measurement for extruded parts?

Preserve part quality

Extruded parts often have delicate or sensitive surfaces that can be easily scratched, dented or deformed so non-contact helps to preserve the surface integrity and finish of the part, ensuring that it meets quality standards.

Conquer complex parts

Often complex shapes with intricate details, multi-sensor measurement can capture complex geometries, ensuring precise dimensional analysis and quality control without the need for multiple probe adjustments or repositioning.

High-speed measurement

Rapidly capture data from the entire surface of an extruded part, including multiple features and dimensions, in a single scan or measurement cycle. This significantly reduces inspection time and increases overall throughput.


Certify your parts

During the extrusion process, the plastic can expand significantly changing the product size and specifications. Engineers also have difficulty predicting how much this changes, and thus allowing for this in the design, specifications and tolerancing. Ideal for measuring the medium tolerances required by plastic extrusion, and perhaps more importantly, perfect for measuring parts in bulk, OGP measuring machines are the best way to certify size and spec in quality control.

Conquer your measurement challenges

OGP multi-sensor measuring machines are designed to withstand the challenges of everyday measuring. No matter the challenge your team faces, OGP UK experts are on-hand to find the best means of measuring your parts.

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