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Best-in-class accuracy. Pure efficiency.

Fusion 400

XYZ travel: 400 x 300 x 250mm

Load capacity: 30kg

XY accuracy (µm): 1.8+4L/1000

Optical measurement accuracy Z (µm): 3.5+4L/1000

Touch/laser accuracy Z (µm): 3.5+4L/1000

Electronic components, large components, batch measurements, plastic and rubber parts, critical components, extruded parts, additive manufactured parts, stamped parts, machined parts, cast-forged parts

Multi-sensor brilliance

Introducing the astounding Fusion 400, transcending the limitations of 3D metrology to offer unprecedented accuracy with a large field-of-view (LFOV) optical system. This advanced multi-sensor measurement system has a generous 400 x 300 x 250mm measuring range, enabling you to unlock a new sphere of precision in high-volume production environments.

Next-Gen Optical Power: Elevating Standards

Fusion 400 pioneers a new echelon in optical prowess with its dual optical paths, facilitating instant magnification changes for seamless transitions between a broad viewing field and high magnification for complex feature measurements in quality assurance applications.

Versatility Unleashed

Maximize the versatility of the Fusion 400 with its diverse optional sensors. Fluid transition between the touch probe, Scanning Probe, TeleStar TTL laser, Rainbow Probe and the innovative 4th and 5th axis rotary indexers enable true multi-sensor measurement.

Precision. Perfected.

A robust cast base, complemented by a granite surface plate and compound stage, ensures exceptional built-in measurement stability and supports incredibly precise measurements.

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