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SmartFit 3D

What is SmartFit 3D?

SmartFit 3D is a fast, accurate and reliable best-fitting and analysis software package that works to solve misalignment and location problems.

SmartFit 3D starts working where your measuring tools leave off. This powerful, intuitive software accepts measured data from virtually any contact or non-contact inspection device, including CMMs, laser scanners, laser trackers and video systems.

Best-fitting analysis software

Compare and contrast your data to CAD and theoretical data to achieve the best results. Take data from any measurement source to analyse your parts and make smarter decisions, faster.

Best fit for your requirements

Data is compared to the nominal representation of a part to optimise their positions. Intelligent best-fitting mathematical methods provide thorough analysis and optimisation.

Two distinct working modes

Imported data is optimised via two different working modes – Point to Point and Point to Surface.

Intelligent optimisation process

Using advanced, best-fit algorithms, your part is precisely evaluated against the nominal model to solve misalignment and location problems so that it can be repositioned for machining.

What are the key features of SmartFit 3D?

Eight criteria

Eight mathematical criteria for best-fitting, including least squares, minimum sum of deviations and mini-max.

Cross sections

Allows creation of cross sections from high complexity freeform models, with analysis of errors in 2D.


Optimisation algorithms will achieve the best solution, with all uncertainty zones put into tolerance.

Multiple modes

Multiple error display modes, including colour mapping, statistics and graphics snapshots.

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