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Zoom Optics

Fast, non-contact video measurement provides high accuracy and repeatability for defined dimensions

Fast, non-contact video measurement for defined dimensions.

Video sensors on OGP SmartScope systems consist of high resolution metrology cameras, a motorized zoom lens assembly, and variety of front objective and add-on lenses. Additionally, the AccuCentric assembly mounts to zoom lens assembly and contains an LED reticle that is used to automatically recalibrate the optics whenever you change magnification.

What sets Zoom Optics apart?

The ability to take the captured images from these advanced video sensors and combine them proprietary edge detection and autofocus algorithms available exclusively in OGP metrology software packages. Tools such as:


Used to find the edge of a line, circle, or arc quickly and easily


Automatically identifies features and performs quick measurements between auto-identified features

Weak Edge

Used to find a point on a low-contrast, rough, or ragged edge

Strong Edge

Used to find a point on a high-contrast, smooth edge

Advanced Edge

Used to find the edge of a line, circle, or arc using advanced edge analysis

Edge Trace

Used to measure many points on a line, arc, circle, or irregular contour


 Automatically focuses a feature for very precise Z-axis measurement

Area Multi Focus

Performs a surface profile analysis by automatically focusing the video image across multiple patches within the area of interest


Image acquisition graphic divided into a grid during an autofocus producing a combined single flattened image

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