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Dimensional analysis software


What is SmartProfile?

SmartProfile is the world’s leading dimensional analysis software. It takes point clouds of data from part measurements and merges it with the nominal CAD model of the part with GD&T tolerances. It then automatically performs a result evaluation based on those tolerances, while fully complying with ASME Y14.5 or ISO 1101 tolerancing standards.

SmartProfile uses ANSI/ISO-standard approved fitting methods, making it easy to apply GD&T tolerances to the model and fit the measured data for complete and correct GD&T evaluation – every time.

GD&T. Simplified.

SmartProfile integrates a host of new features that simplify even the most complex measurement processes, making it easier to confirm design intent and GD&T compliance.

Easy-to-use GD&T

SmartProfile makes it easy to set up a new project to analyse product tolerances. Import your CAD model, define your tolerances, evaluate GD&T and save the results.

Millions of data points

Manage millions of points, reducing them intelligently regardless of tip radius compensation for tactile data points. Integrate pre-processing point tools to accept millions of points in order to reduce them to a more reasonable size.

Make better decisions

SmartProfile has the capability to evaluate surface profiles and geometric tolerances against Datum Reference Frames using compound datums, pattern datums, datums at MMC/LMC and composite tolerance zones.

What are the benefits of SmartProfile?

Consistent results

Eliminate inconsistent and unreliable results caused by using different evaluation techniques and/or metrology software.

No human error

Eliminate human error caused by incorrect interpretation and implementation of ASME Y14.5 and ISO 1101 standards.

Fast & accurate

Quickly assess part tolerances and processes to improve production and produce better parts.

Optimal measures

Optimise enterprise resources by separating part measurements from the tolerance evaluation process.

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