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OGP UK: The most complete metrology range

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In today’s dynamic manufacturing industry, versatility and adaptability are paramount. Products are evolving and being produced at an increasingly accelerated speed, demanding equally advanced inspection solutions. 

OGP UK, the UK’s leading provider of multi-sensor measurement systems, offers the most complete product portfolio of solutions. Their advanced range of inspection technologies encompasses laser, optical, and tactile sensors to achieve the highest precision measurement. Their seamless integration with one another allows all sensors to be combined into a single, unified system, ensuring consistent quality control for all industries and applications. 

OGP UK: The most complete metrology range

OGP UK provides the most complete metrology range in the UK, delivering state-of-the-art multi-sensor measurement systems, perfect for a variety of industries and applications. Their technologies range from compact, benchtop systems to floor-standing, robust shopfloor machines to suit any measurement requirements and environments. 

Explore the ranges of multi-sensor measurement systems from OGP UK below:

The best choice in automatic general-purpose, coordinate measuring with multi-sensor dimensional measurement capabilities. 

Capable, field-tested automatic dimensional measurement, worldwide favourites in the industrial marketplace.  

High performance multi-sensor metrology systems designed for optimum scanning probe performance. 

High-accuracy systems designed to use avariety of sensors for full 3D measurement. 

High-accuracy systems designed for a variety of sensors for full 3D measurement. 

An innovative large field-of-view 3D multi-sensor system that offers advanced large field image analysis capability. 

A new generation of CMM with a unique combination of sensors, and CAD based programming, to solve a wide variety of dimensional measurement problems for large format parts. 

Automated 3D scanners ideal for measuring complex-shaped parts where speed, complete coverage and ease-of-use are important. 

Complex measurements made easy and accurate – it’s as simple as placing a part on the state and pressing go. 

Programmable multi-sensor video metrology system sets the standard for fully automatic   3-axis measurement performance. 


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