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OGP UK Metrology Day 2023 is a huge success

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OGP UK Metrology Day was a highly anticipated event that brought together industry-leading voices, inspired by the changing UK landscape, to share essential insights, inspiration, and new ideas about measurement and inspection applications for engineering, manufacturing, and more.

The event showcased the latest advancements in OGP technology and featured world-leading measurement technology, live technology demonstrations, and expert advice for inspection challenges. 

Graham Shaw, OGP UK Sales Manager, said:

“The OGP UK Metrology Day was a huge success. We had businesses in attendance from across British industry including medical, aerospace, automotive, consumer products and electronics, showcasing the versatility and applicability of OGP technologies. We received excellent feedback from visitors who enjoyed the opportunity to network and view our range of solutions. It was an amazing day, and the feedback is, when are we doing the next one?”

Visitors to the event were able to learn from keynote speakers:

Colby Finn, VP Strategic Marketing at QVI/OGP, who shared her insights into OGP’s position in the metrology industry and the future of metrology.

David O’Connor, Director of Sales & Marketing at ShapeGrabber, discussed how ShapeGrabber’s 3D scanners can be applied to the unique challenges of reverse engineering, inspection, and quality control for multiple processes, including additive manufacturing. 

Gene Van Patten, Director of Sales at Prolink Software, talked about the importance of data and how Prolink Software can be the perfect solution for all levels of automated data collection and quality analysis.

Throughout the day, there were also live technology demonstrations showcasing the latest advancements in metrology. Attendees had the opportunity to bring along their most challenging parts to put the technology to the test. The event was well attended with multiple industries in attendance.

The OGP UK Metrology Day was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about measurement and inspection applications for engineering and manufacturing, and discover the latest advancements in metrology technology. For those who missed the OGP UK Metrology Day, the keynote speaker interviews and information on the latest advancements in metrology technology can still be viewed on the OGP website or by contacting the OGP UK team.

If you are interested in learning more about metrology technology and the latest advancements, be sure to check out the resources available on OGP’s website.

Colby Finn speaking at Metrology Day
David O'Connor speaking at Metrology Day
Gene Van Patten speaking at Metrology Day