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Introducing the All-New SmartScope E7

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OGP UK is proud to launch the brand-new SmartScope® E7 multi-sensor measurement system.

Featuring an easy-to-use interface designed for use with a single-operator, the SmartScope E7 from OGP cuts down on lengthy training and unnecessary downtime, while delivering an impressive range of features to transform your inspection processes. Perfect for operators functioning at all skill levels, and businesses and subcontractors at all available budgets, the SmartScope® E7 makes lightwork of the things that matter most.

OGP UK Manager Graham Shaw said:

“The SmartScope® E7 joins the OGP portfolio as the first in the new E-series range – and as an ideal benchtop solution for the shopfloor.

“One of the most dynamic features of the E7 and the SmartScope range is the functionality where complex software is packaged up in an easy-to-use interface.

“The E7 benefits from full integration of the E7 with the Measure-X software package which is a gamechanger in terms of repeatability and reproducibility. There are huge time and cost-saving benefits, including geometric functions for tolerance and reporting that set the benchmark for the industry.”

Maximising efficiency and repeatability through its sturdy, seamless design, the E7 comes equipped with fast video-detection, multi-sensor versatility, and autofocus with a 5x digital zoom able to apply instant magnification. The all-new fixed lens IntelliCentric™ optical system delivers high resolution imaging while the all-Led coaxial illuminates all angles.

Perfect for an array of applications, from complex critical components to high-volume measurement of parts at high-speed – the SmartScope® E7 promises to take its place on the shopfloor in multiple industries including aerospace, automotive, medical and more.

We look forward to introducing our clients to the SmartScope® E-Series, as well as the full capabilities of the SmartScope® range.