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Category: Customer stories


Cirteq is a leading international supplier based in West Yorkshire, specialising in circlips and retaining rings. With over 80 years of experience, they export their

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Adwin Spring

Adwin Spring Co is a globally recognised company renowned for its expertise in delivering precise prototypes crafted from wire and flat materials to major global

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Nasmyth Arden

Nasmyth Arden specialises in the machining of large aluminium components for the aerospace industry. These components, crafted from billets, castings, and forgings, are primarily electronic

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Klinger Aerospace

Klinger Aerospace is an esteemed provider of sealed components for the civil, defence, and marine aerospace industries. They acknowledged the necessity for strategic investment to

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RA Labone

RA Labone & Co Ltd. is a well-established manufacturing company that specialises in producing precision plastic injection mouldings, insert mouldings, metal pressings, and a variation

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Batten and Allen

Batten & Allen is a precision stampings specialist based in Gloucestershire. They manufacturer components to a range of industries including electronic, medical, motorsport and solar

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