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Klinger Aerospace

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Klinger Aerospace is an esteemed provider of sealed components for the civil, defence, and marine aerospace industries. They acknowledged the necessity for strategic investment to maintain both quality and the exceptional level of precision required within their sectors.

To address this, they chose to collaborate with OGP UK and made an investment in their cutting-edge SmartScope MVP400 measurement system. This system has now become the focal point of Klinger Aerospace’s test laboratory and cutting centre, ensuring accurate and meticulous operations.

Project Brief:

After deciding to bring the manufacturing process in-house for better control over product quality and to demonstrate their advanced technical capabilities, Klinger Aerospace recognised the importance of having cutting-edge technology to meet the stringent accuracy and quality demands of the aerospace industry.

Klinger Aerospace produces aerospace gaskets using their specialised compressed fibre sheets. Ensuring precision is vital, but challenging, particularly when customers require 100% inspections for each gasket.

To streamline their manufacturing and inspection processes, Klinger Aerospace aimed to reduce the need for 100% inspection. During their visit to the MACH (Manufacturing Technologies Association) 2008 exhibition, Klinger Aerospace representatives discovered OGP UK. The technology proved to be exceptionally efficient, completing the measurement task for Klinger Aerospace’s fibre gaskets in just 5 minutes, significantly surpassing the speed of any other industry machines.

The Solution:

The installation of the OGP UK SmartScope MVP400 non-contact measuring machine proved instrumental in addressing the challenges faced by Klinger Aerospace.

“Bringing fibre gasket manufacture and inspection in-house has been a lengthy project because we wanted to get it right, however, the machines have been here for a year and we’ve proven our procedures,” explained the QA Representative for Klinger Aerospace, John Holdsworth.

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The SmartScope MVP400, with its user-friendly software, enables Klinger Aerospace to achieve precise measurements by utilising programmed routines and comparing measurements to computer-aided drawings, ensuring compliance with strict quality requirements.

“Not only was this far quicker than the others, the software on the SmartScope MVP seemed a lot more user friendly and informative,” said John. 

“I could see that we would be able to produce accurate results either by programming measurement routines to shapes, or by comparison to computer aided drawing of true geometries.”

The Benefits:

The SmartScope MVP400 played a central role in Klinger’s Aerospace Test Laboratory and Cutting Centre.

Integrating this advanced measurement system, Klinger Aerospace successfully brought the manufacturing and inspection of fibre gaskets in-house. This enabled them to enhance control over product quality and delivery, resolving the challenges faced with subcontracting operations, resulting in an overall more streamlined and efficient process.

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“There is no doubt that our investment in precision metrology from OGP UK has been vital in meeting the stringent quality specifications of our customers. Our aerospace team is now working in close liaison with our clients to ensure their supply requirements are met to the highest standards achievable,” said John.

SmartScope MVP measuring machines are fully automatic, utilising colour cameras, precision zoom optics, and programmable LED lighting for precise non-contact measurement. They feature OGP UK’s patented SmartRing™ illuminator and edge detection technology, while the Measure X metrology software offers user-friendly operation with advanced features, including automatic inspection routine recording and customisable result data outputs.

“We use the MVP400 every day and it has become an invaluable resource,” said John.


OGP UK played a crucial role in helping Klinger Aerospace bring their manufacturing and inspection processes in-house.

The advanced SmartScope MVP400 non-contact measuring machine enabled precise measurements and streamlined operations, resulting in enhanced control over product quality and delivery.

John said, “I was impressed with the technology and I was impressed with OGP UK – they talked our language!”


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