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Winbro Group

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Winbro Group is a renowned global leader in the field of designing and manufacturing non-conventional machines and technology. They specialise in creating miniature cooling holes and components for aero and industrial gas turbines.

In this industry, where precision and perfection are paramount, ensuring consistent high quality is crucial. To achieve this, Winbro Group has made significant investments in advanced measurement systems during an eight-year partnership with OGP UK.

Winbro Group have successfully integrated three of OGP UK’s SmartScope Machines into their operations: one CNC 300 and two Vantage 450s. These cutting-edge machines have enabled Winbro Group to produce flawless parts right from the start, a critical advantage in their heavily regulated industry.

Project Brief:

With the continuous development of industries like aerospace and industrial sectors, there is a growing need for intricate and sophisticated components to support emerging technologies.

As a prominent global leader in their field, Winbro Group not only faces high demands for their products but also stringent quality requirements. It is crucial for them to ensure the accuracy and precision of their new designs and components in the shortest possible time, while obtaining reliable data to address any potential issues or discrepancies.

The Solution:

OGP UK is a leading provider of multi-sensor technologies, offering a comprehensive range of optical, laser, and tactile sensors. Their advanced capabilities in capturing detailed data of complex components and delivering real-time statistical results have consistently resulted in reduced rework and accelerated product-to-market timelines, making it the obvious choice for Winbro Group time and time again.

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Winbro Group’s Chief Technology Officer, Andy Lawson, explained:

“OGP UK offered a full turnkey system, so we were able to give one or two of the components we had just won with our customers and work with OGP UK for them to develop the software and programmes, such that those programmes were fully verified with the equipment.

“During the development of the new parts, you often have hiccups. What we found was that OGP UK was very responsive.” Their prompt and effective support enabled Winbro Group to overcome hurdles and ensure the smooth progression of their projects.

The Benefits:

OGP UK’s relentless pursuit of excellence positions them as a vital component for manufacturing companies. Their unwavering commitment to advancing and developing new technologies sets them apart, ensuring unrivalled reliability, accuracy, and improved production control.

“As Winbro Group’s advanced machining division has gained more and more parts, in both aerospace and industrial gas turbines, we’ve gone back to OGP UK for turnkey solutions. We’ve bought additional programming and help for parts that we weren’t necessarily familiar with,” explained Andy.

“We already get a much more quality inspection report real time, such that we are no more than one part away from an issue.”

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The OGP UK Vantage machines work to sub-micron precision on even the most demanding components, offering full 3D CAD-based programming to effortlessly generate measurement routines.

“We’re able to take parts straight off the machine and then, while the second part is being machined or drilled, the first part will go into the inspection lab and in less than 10 minutes feedback is given straight to the operator to be able to control the process,” said Andy.  

The partnership between Winbro Group and OGP UK exemplifies the value of their collaboration. By leveraging OGP UK’s comprehensive solutions and responsive support, Winbro Group has been able to streamline their operations, enhance quality control, and achieve faster time-to-market for their products. OGP UK’s expertise and cutting-edge technology have undoubtedly played a significant role in Winbro Group’s continued success and reputation as a leader in their industry.

“We’re able to take parts straight off the machine and then, while the second part is being machined or drilled, the first part will go into the inspection lab and in less than 10 minutes feedback is given straight to the operator to be able to control the process."
Andy Lawson
Chief Technology Officer, Winbro Group


OGP UK’s multi-sensor metrology systems have ensured right-first-time components for Winbro Group in their complex and regulated industry.

“We were able to work together to get through technical problems and solutions, and I think that for me was a game-changer.” [Andy]

As the relationship between the two companies continues to grow, it is undoubted that OGP UK will play a big part in Winbro Group’s future.

“Our experience with OGP UK over the last eight years has been very positive. We feel as though the relationship is ongoing, as a partnership should be,” said Andy.


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