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Why multi-sensor metrology is vital for aerospace companies

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The aerospace industry demands the highest levels of precision and quality to ensure the safety and performance of components. OGP UK’s multi-sensor measurement solutions provide precise, efficient, and repeatable results for manufacturers of aerospace components and the aerospace industry.

What is multi-sensor metrology?

Multi-sensor metrology is an integrated measurement technology that utilizes multiple sensors and measurement devices to collect dimensions and other relevant properties of a component within a single program. Each sensor is designed to capture specific aspects of the object being measured, allowing for a more comprehensive and accurate assessment of the component.

Why is multi-sensor metrology so vital for the aerospace industry?

Precision and Accuracy:

Aerospace components must adhere to extremely tight tolerances and specifications. Multi-sensor metrology allows for precise and accurate measurements of critical and complex dimensions through using multiple sensors to provide more detailed reports.

Complex Geometries and Dimensions:

Multi-sensor metrology utilises a variety of different sensors to capture data from the complex and intricate geometries of aerospace components accurately.

Speed and Efficiency:

Compared to traditional measurement methods, multi-sensor metrology systems can measure multiple features in a single setup, saving time and increasing efficiency during the inspection process.

Versatility and Adaptability:

Multi-sensor metrology systems utilise their range of measurement techniques to accommodate the wide range of aerospace materials, from lightweight composites to high-strength metals.

Integrated Measurement:

Multi-sensor metrology capitalises on the variation of measurement technologies to measure the different aspects of a component, such as dimensions, surface finish, surface roughness and form to provide a comprehensive view of any aerospace component.

Non-contact Measurement:

Aerospace components can be measured without physical contact using non-contact sensors such as lasers and optics to preserve the integrity of the component.

Quality Assurance and Compliance:

The aerospace industry has the stringent regulations and standards to ensure the safety and reliability of the components. OGP UK’s multi-sensor measurement solutions are calibrated to ensure compliance with aerospace standards.

Real-Time Inspection and Analysis:

Multi-sensor metrology systems can identify defects and inconsistencies from aerospace components early in the manufacturing process, preventing further failures or any compromising of the components integrity due to the speed in which these systems operate.

Continuous Management and Maintenance:

Accurate measurements and reliable machines are necessary for assessing wear, fatigue, or damage to an aerospace component and determining if it needs repairing or replacing.

Cost Savings:

Identifying defects or inaccuracies early in the manufacturing process, helps to avoid costly rework or failure of aerospace components, saving time and resources.




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