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Polymermedics are specialists in injection moulding and assembly within controlled environments. They work across the pharmaceutical and medical industry, producing 1.6 billion parts annually that are sold across the globe.

With their customer base expanding, and demanding increasingly complex products, Polymermedics recognised the need to upgrade their measurement technology to ensure they were continuing to match the market’s needs.

Polymermedics invested in an CNC 500 metrology machine from OGP UK, allowing them to expand their measurement capabilities.

Project Brief:

Since their establishment, Polymermedics have expanded rapidly, taking on increasingly large and complex products under tight time-scales.

“Our injection moulding machine workshop runs 24/7,” said Derren Blewett, Polymermedics Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager.

“We had an existing customer base and their measurements were quite simple but our new customer base were demanding bigger parts. We needed a bigger machine.

The Solution:

Having worked with OGP UK before (investing in a OGP MVP 300), Polymermedics were confident in their investment of an OGP CNC 500 metrology machine.

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“We did look at other companies but no-one matched up to the service OGP UK provided,” said Derren.

“If you’re going to measure the same parts numerous times, you’re going to have to start to look at the fixtures that will enable you to measure multi-parts repeatedly, accurately and whilst saving time.

“OGP UK were very helpful in the selection process. They knew exactly what we wanted. They explained the running system on the 300 was exactly the same as the 500 when we bought the OGP UK CNC 500 machine.”

The Benefits:

The team at OGP UK ensured a quick and smooth transition from the MVP 300 to the CNC 500, ensuring it was ready for use within a day.

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“I was expecting weeks of a transition period,” said Derren.

“We didn’t want to spend hundreds of pounds and hours training our staff. We needed a quick transition from the 300 to running the 500 in, or the new machine needed to be in tandem with it. All the OGP Machines run from the same software which makes the transition a really easy process. They were up and running within a day, which I thought was exceptional.”

The quality and reliability of the OGP MVP 300 gave Polymermedics full confidence when taking the step and investing in the CNC 500. The expert maintenance from the OGP UK team has ensured that Polymermedics machines continue to operate at their full capacity.

“We have been using our OGP 300 now for 4 years and that machine has never missed a beat,” said Derren.

“We have it service annually by OGP. They come down, spend a day servicing it and calibrating it and then it just runs from one year to the next without a hitch. The reliability of our 500 doesn’t worry me at all.”

“We have been using our OGP 300 now for 4 years and that machine has never missed a beat. They come down, spend a day servicing it and calibrating it and then it just runs from one year to the next without a hitch.”
Derren Blewett
Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, Polymermedics


Investing with OGP UK has proven invaluable to Polymermedics, both with the initial purchase of the MVP 300 and the latest investment of the CNC 500.

The OGP CNC 500 has allowed Polymermedics to expand their measurement capabilities to larger, more complex parts to continue to match and excel market demands. 

Our experience working with OGP UK has always been a positive one. The team have always looked after us, always given us good advice, advice based on years of experience. We are really happy with the service and support that we get with both our machines,” said Derren.


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