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Meggitt Aircraft Braking systems is leading supplier of aircraft wheels and brake systems. Since 2008, they have specialised in the design, development, and production of advanced aircraft braking systems, catering to the demanding requirements of commercial, regional, business, and military aircrafts.

To enhance their operations, Meggitt selected the OGP SmartScope CNC 200. OGP have sold over 1,000 units worldwide, making it one of the most popular video and multi-sensor measurement systems on the market. The high accuracy and speed of measuring components made the SmartScope CNC 200 the perfect choice for Meggitt. By seamlessly integrating this cutting-edge technology without compromising on quality, Meggitt ensured precise measurements and exceptional efficiency throughout their production process.

Project Brief: 

Meggitt’s production of safety-critical parts, ensuring the utmost quality, created the necessity for high-quality equipment, such as the SmartScope CNC 200, for conducting comprehensive inspections.

With over 160 aircraft platforms using their systems, 34,000 aircrafts taking off and landing with their systems in place, and 15 million landings every year, it is imperative the quality of their components in consistent every time.

Speaking to their Manufacturing Team Leader, John Shell, he emphasised the need to ensure their high quality across their range of products.

He said “The integrity of our quality control is paramount as our products range from large carbon brake discs to tiny stainless steel or titanium components used in hydraulics and activation systems.”

Traditional Inspection methods lack the ability to accurately and rapidly check components due their complex sizing, position and form. These limitations made the SmartScope CNC 200 an evidently worthwhile investment for Meggitt for enhancing the efficiency of their quality control process.

The Solution:

Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems acquired the SmartScope CNC 200, an advanced optical measurement system.

The selection of the OGP SmartScope machine by the Coventry-based company stems from its remarkable capability to swiftly and accurately inspect components that cannot be effectively assessed using conventional inspection techniques. This is particularly crucial due to the intricate tolerances involved in feature size, position, and form within the manufacturing of these parts. 

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The Benefits:

Meggitt have already enjoyed the benefits of the SmartScope CNC 200, granting them a return on their investment a year ahead of target.

John said “The original target was to expect a return on investment within three years, but this was easily achieved within two, which was impressive.”

“In addition, inspection cycle times have been reduced and the data is used to further improve our manufacturing processes.” 

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The versatility of the OGP multi‐sensor measuring machine has also paid off. Meggitt staff have been able to develop new programs for even more inspection applications, such as checking EDM forms and features, as well as positions of holes and milled features produced on its machining centres and driven tool lathes.

The support from OGP has provided Meggitt with the opportunity to widen the scope of their inspection capabilities, with comprehensive training and ongoing support available to help them harness the full potential of their OGP SmartScope CNC 200 machine.

“OGP’s after‐sales and technical support service is very good and the team is only a phone call away to answer any queries about how to get the best out of the machine,” said John. 


This partnership between Meggitt and OGP UK ensures that Meggitt can consistently achieve optimal results while pushing the boundaries of their inspection processes.


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