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The end of manual data entry as you know it

SPC Office Buddy

Data entry. Automated.

End manual data entry once and for all with SPC Office Buddy. This revolutionary software application integrates with a vast selection of programmes to run reports using CMM data collected by QC-CALC Real-Time.

Custom files and statistical reports

Buddy allows you to set up custom filters to reduce your data before sending. When finished, you can run statistical reports on any subset of your data.

Automatic feature labelling

Buddy automatically sends each feature’s label, nominal, tolerance and subgroup information straight to ProLink Charting, Minitab, or JMP without typing, saving you time and money.

Enhanced compliance and reporting

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and streamline reporting processes. Generate compliant reports, track audit trails and maintain documentation effortlessly.

Benefits of SPC Office Buddy

Save time. Save money.

All inspection data is automatically recorded, removing the need to enter data manually. This removes the possibility of human error and saves time and money.

Data is sent automatically between programmes, streamlining the reporting process.

Multiple reports can be run in scheduled batches for full automation.

Reduce on-screen clutter to quickly identify only the most critical characteristics.

A myriad of statistical calculations are available via Prolink Charting, allowing the creation of robust reports.


Unbeatable quality.

Streamlined data analysis

SPC Office Buddy simplifies data analysis by providing a user-friendly interface and powerful statistical tools.

Improved collaboration

Enable real-time collaboration, track changes and facilitate communication to drive continuous improvement.

Regulatory compliance

Easily generate compliant reports, track audits and maintain documentation for regulatory purposes.

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