Measure X

Measure X measurement software has the functionality to easily support standard metrology tasks including the automatic measurement of points, lines, planes, circles, distances, cones and spheres.

Measure X software is ideal for general purpose video and multi-sensor measurement. It features a full set of image processing and autofocus tools, plug and play touch probe support, easy editing, and direct background data transfer to MeasureFit Plus contour analysis software and SPC software. Data can be output to ANSI or ISO standards and geometric functions can quickly be accessed for measurement, tolerance and reporting. Measure X reports are also able to be customised for First Article, In-Process or Statistical Evaluation.

Measure X furthermore allows for control over multi-sensors such as laser or touch probe, from a single operator-friendly interface and features a full of set of image processing as well as auto-focus tools for use with the sophisticated video system.

As a standard metrology software on selected OGP SmartScope® models, Measure X comprehensive user interface includes easily accessible function tabs, keeping all important aspects of system operation ready for use.

*Please note Measure-X Software is not available on SmartScope® Quest™ Machines.


Measure-X metrology software

  • Offers 20+ types of measurement
  • Includes integral CNC control
  • Includes innovative tools including FeatureFinder®, EdgeTrace™, and Centroid
  • Includes extensive online and context-sensitive help
  • Supports multiple sensors
  • Includes Auto Probe Path to speed touch probe measurements
  • Offers optional CAD import, with automatic generation of Measure-X measurement steps from a CAD file – which speeds routine creation and streamlines workflow

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