Hardware Retrofits and Software Upgrades


New components expand the functionality and performance of your measuring machine. Depending on your specific requirement and machine, you can add the following accessories**:

  • Laser – to achieve high resolution surface profiles
  • Touch trigger probe – provides enhanced access for difficult-to-reach 3D part features, a point at a time including PH10 / TP20 or continual scanning SP25
  • Scanning probe – automatically acquires data points between user-defined start and end points – regardless of surface complexity – even when the system has no prior knowledge of the path between those points
  • Feather probe – with miniature stylii can acquire data points with only milligrams of pressure.
  • Rainbow probe, a white light probe – which is an electro-optical device that measures by analysing changes in the optical spectrum as a function of part-to-probe spacing. This is perfect for measuring lenses or translucent surfaces to nanometres functionality.
  • Rotary – introduction of a 4 or 5 axis adding extra measurement
  • Universal fixture kit – Renishaw CMM fixtures can be purchased in preconfigured kits and additional components can be purchased separately
  • Bespoke fixture design and manufacture – tailored fixture kit to suit you
  • Lens attachment –increases magnification – sizes available 0.5x, 1.5 x, 1.75x, 2x

** Subject to machine compatibility



A software upgrade is a cost effective solution to extend the functionality and proficiency of your measuring machine, allowing you to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Software upgrade gives you access to new functionally and training on the latest technology including:

  • New measurement functions
  • New format options
  • Improved hardware options


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