Turned Shaft Measurement Machines

Non-Contact Optical Turned Part Measurement Machines And Quality Control Systems from VICIVISION UK

Optical, Non-Contact Shaft Measurement Machines and Quality Control Systems Across The UK and Ireland.


Optical measuring machines and quality control systems for the improvement of efficiency in production.

VICIVISION UK provide optical measuring machines for turned parts and are designed to be used on the shopfloor


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M1 offers top of the range performance in a compact optical measuring machine with maximised ergonomics. It’s the ideal system for measuring multi-spindle lathes or sliding head lathes, from simple fittings to small shaft measuring up to 30x600mm.

M1 is designed to optimise your production routine, with faster measurement it reduces measuring times- setting a new bar in its sector.



Measuring larger turned cylindrical components as easily as small ones, M2/M3 offers efficient, fast and easy measurement of every part produced by your CNC Lathe or Grinding centre.

With M2/M3 operators can conduct turned part measurement within a matter of seconds, directly on the shop floor. Thus increasing productivity and improving efficiency, as well as reducing the reject rate significantly with a subsequent fast return on investment.



The MTL Ergon optical measuring machine is specifically designed to acquire the smallest and most intricate details even on the largest components, taking the measurements on a piece profile in a matter of seconds directly on the shop floor.

mtl x5


The MTL X5 machine has been specifically designed to measure dental implants, biomedical components, watch parts and micro-mechanical parts in general.

An exclusive solution for the production tool industry, MTL X5’s high resolution is one of a kind, detecting the smallest details.

While its direct access design facilitates loading and unloading of even the smallest and most difficult to manage pieces, and the configuration of stationary parts as well as moving optics prevents the part from vibrating and moving. If a part does fall during this operation no openings or undercuts beneath means that small parts can be easily retrieved if they fall.



The complete production solution for fast and accurate measurement of turned and ground components.

Introducing the MTL1, VICIVISION’s high-speed solution for precise and advanced optical measurements of cylindrical components. With the combination of video camera, telecentric lens and light, the MTL1 is able to produce accurate measurements in seconds.

mtl x-stream


The MTL X-Stream offers an advanced technology in optical measurement designed for heavy duty parts. Its wide open front facilitates up to 60 kg loading weight. The X-Stream range provides a wide measuring area of up to 500, 850 and 1250 mm in length and up to 170 mm in diameter.



Benchmark reliability in measuring cylindrical parts is second to none with the Techno series, which ticks all the boxes for achieving lean manufacturing.

The wide measuring field – from 40 to 180mm in diameter and 300 to 1250mm in length – make the compact, yet ergonomic and robust, machines suitable and adaptable to both your current and future demands.