Versatility, Affordability, Capability – OGP Takes Torus Group’s Metrology to Another Level

“I would recommend OGP and the SmartScope CNC 500. The equipment is very good, fast and reliable and the service OGP has offered has been fantastic.”

In incredibly competitive industries such as aerospace, medical and packaging, customers want instant results – but they also need results they can rely on.

The Torus Group, a bespoke metrology company providing automated metrology solutions for internationally renowned names like Coca-Cola, Rolls-Royce and GlaxoSmithKline, understand that implicitly.

That’s why the group turned to world-leading multi-sensor measurement equipment provided by OGP UK,

Owing to its versatility and affordability, an OGP CNC 500 was the perfect solution for the Torus Group. Designed for use on the production shop floor, its advanced and automated multi-sensor capabilities guarantee both speed and the highest levels of measurement accuracy, contributing directly to a higher throughput.

Think Precise Multi-Sensor Measurement is Out of Reach?

Think Again

Why wait until the budget is available to purchase a measuring machine when you could revolutionise your inspection processes immediately? With our flexible finance options, OGP can find a solution to suit any budget.