ZONE3 multi-sensor metrology software – why you won’t want to work without it

By combining world-leading optics, sensors, lasers and probes in a single system, OGP UK’s ZONE3 multi-sensor metrology software has set a new quality control standard in British manufacturing.

They have helped to free businesses from time-consuming traditional part inspection methods such as co-ordinate measuring machines, handheld gauges, laser scanners and shadowgraphs, all of which rely on the skill of an operator and are thus prone to human error and subjectivity, as well as taking up valuable factory space.

However, it’s the brain behind the brawn that continues to make OGP the go-to technology across a multitude of industries, from aerospace and automotive to medical and consumer goods.

That brain is called ZONE3.

The most comprehensive metrology software package on the market, ZONE3 offers full 3D CAD-based programming to automatically and effortlessly generate measurement routines.

ZONE3 multi-sensor metrology software

It integrates all sensors and deployment mechanisms for use in any order, letting you choose the best inspection tool for every feature of a part, even when those features are not easily accessible.

Self-calibrating optics, automatic probe changes and rotary indexers therefore combine to ensure that nothing is missed, meaning one machine can complete every job required of it with unparalleled speed and sub-micron accuracy.

By facilitating real-time statistics from a single reference point, ZONE3 gives manufacturers much tighter control of their production processes, as any uses can be identified and addressed on the spot. The benefits include reduced scrap, minimal rework and improved productivity.

In short, this next-generation metrology software allows machine operatives to seamlessly interact with measurement systems, empowering them to monitor, influence and report every aspect of a measurement routine.

ZONE3 includes the full range of geometric measurement capabilities alongside advanced features such as automatic path generation, animation-assisted alignment tools, real-time virtual machine kinematics, a graphical sensor builder and universal construction tool.

It can be configured for specific user needs, offering custom user forms and variables, report formatting, dynamic reporting with measurement result inaccuracies displayed on the 3D part model, and part family programming.

Exclusively available on OGP’s SmartScope® Vantage, Flash, ZIP and Quest metrology ranges, ZONE3 multi-sensor metrology software represents a totally new way of working with multi-sensor measurement, where built-in 3D animations clearly display relationships between parts, sensors, datum alignments and machine tooling.

Despite its incredible capabilities, the software is easy to use and therefore does not require any extensive, costly or time-intensive training.

When time is of the essence, an offline version allows for CAD programming at a completely separate workstation, eliminating unnecessary use of a machine for programming, while ZONE3 PRO combines additional properties that include simultaneous evaluations, advanced programming and reporting, variables and scripting.

When speed and quality are production non-negotiables, you can count on ZONE3 to deliver the goods.



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