Why OGP’s Vantage range will make your manufacturing processes shine

According to the Collins dictionary definition, ‘vantage’ means ‘a state, position, or opportunity affording superiority or advantage.’

Little wonder, then, that OGP chose to adopt the word as the name of its flagship range of multi-sensor metrology systems, given their capabilities to offer premium quality, premium capability, unrivalled accuracy and performance for every measurement task.

Ranging from the benchtop 250 to the large-volume 800 model, the Vantage range machines are all about giving manufacturers the power of one of the key words in that dictionary description – ‘opportunity.’

The opportunity to achieve exceptional 3D optical performance alongside the highest standards of accuracy, speed and repeatability, even on the most demanding parts and features.

The opportunity to take real-time control of production lines, enabling them to identify and remedy process ‘noise’ and take measures that ensure parts are delivered right first time.

And the opportunity to reduce scrap, maximise throughput, increase profits and positively enhance their reputation among both existing and potential customers.

These are just some of the reasons that OGP has built up such a loyal customer base comprising some of the major players from industries such as aerospace, automotive, education, engineering and medical.


Minimum effort, superior results

Featuring a combination of self-calibrating TeleStar optics alongside best-in-class lasers and probes, the Vantage range machines automatically select the right tool for the job at hand and quickly deliver hundreds of part measurements in 3D graphical displays, without the need for operator intervention.

Powered by ZONE3, an intuitive and comprehensive metrology software package, they offer full 3D CAD-based programming to effortlessly generate measurement routines.

The Vantage range systems boast the full range of geometric measurement capabilities alongside advanced features such as automatic path generation, animation-assisted alignment tools, real-time virtual machine kinematics and a graphical sensor builder, as well as a universal construction tool.

Each model in the family benefits from mechanical design optimised through Finite Element Analysis to ensure high accuracy measurement from all sensors.

The Vantage can deliver when all else fails, striking the perfect balance between powerful capabilities and ease of use.

Features include:

  • Unique interfrometric laser scanning technology
  • Patented TeleStar 10:1 zoom lens (completely telecentric and automatically calibrated throughout its range, eliminating measurement inaccuracies)
  • Patented eight-sector, six-ring SmartRing LED light

OGP Vantage range


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