Why metrology data is key post Covid-19

The importance of data on your post-Covid shop floor

Covid-19 has had a dramatic effect on businesses across the world. Covid-19 has seen companies operate with reduced staff levels and also seen budgets being squeezed even further.  An OGP machine is perfect addressing these issues and helping companies to operate a lean business model whilst remaining profitable. Going forward there will be a need to ensure that manufacturing operations can be kept as lean as possible, allowing production  demands to continue to be met. OGP’s multi-sensor technology can help businesses build a robust production line bolstered by metrology data, and ensure that parts of high quality are delivered at the first time of asking.

The ability to capture data and CNC machine performance in real-time provides businesses with a number of benefits. An operator being able to spot whether parts are intolerance or not can help ensure errors are identified quickly and then corrected.

Real-time metrology data

The major advantage of OGP machines is in their ability to capture and analyse real-time metrology data. On a production line, this is vital – being able to quickly identify non-conformance helps to ensure that batches of parts meet the necessary requirements and therefore scrap is greatly reduced. Errors can be incredibly costly and negatively affect a company’s profits. Ensuring the highest of standards of part quality will mean you can provide the best service possible to your customers, helping you to strengthen relationships with them and building you a business in the long-term.

Correct errors quickly

The robust builds of OGP machines allows for them to sit, work, and be operated directly on a shop floor. This helps to improve the efficiency of your inspection processes as there is no need for delays associated with transporting parts to a specialist quality control lab. Instead, engineers themselves can identify and rectify any potential flaws quicker, maximising throughput.


OGP systems are backed up by and offer full 3D CAD-based programming, helping to automatically generate measurement routines. This sort of repeatability combined with the data capture allows for consistent results each and every time, regardless of component complexity.

Rapid ROI

Businesses who invest in an OGP machine will see a quick return on investment for their business in no-time. The live metrology data capture done by the machines ensures that when errors arise, interventions can be made quickly. This will lead to businesses being able to save money by reducing scrap, fewer production bottlenecks and less re-work to free up the machines to carry out more work. All of these savings will add up to a healthy return for a business and so the initial investment will seem small in comparison.

Low risk, high reward

Another benefit of OGP’s multi-sensor metrology is that it can free up operators to carry out more skilled, high-impact work elsewhere in the business. Removing the human element by automating quality control processes can allow a company to focus on upskilling its workforce in other areas. The individual and collective advantages are therefore wide-reaching.

With metrology measures being implemented in order to assess fit, function and performance of the part, in the future this will also lead to a positive impact on reducing waste and introducing carbon neutrality.


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