Why Fusion is the best in the metrology business

When a company with a 75-year track record of delivering world-class products describes a machine as its ‘most advanced, flexible and capable’ optical system ever, you know it must be something special.

For the accurate, non-contact measurement of even the most complex manufactured parts, OGP’s Fusion is simply top dog.

Its name perhaps owes much to the fact that it incorporates a blend of metrology’s very best practices, meaning it can solve any part inspection challenge and is right at home on the shop floor.

It operates at unprecedented speeds and acceleration over an impressive measuring range, delivering incredibly high output without compromising accuracy.


Nothing missed, everything to be gained

An innovative multi-sensor unit, the Fusion combines a large field-of-view optical system with a touch probe, laser and micro sensors to form a uniquely productive quality control solution, no matter whether a component is fragile, deformable or extremely small.

An exclusive feature extraction capability can instantly process and identify all features and dimensions within the scene, with no need for a pre-programmed measurement routine.

Automatic identification allows any previously programmed part – or multiple parts – to be placed anywhere on the stage, even without fixturing, for Fusion to identify and inspect.

All models in the range are equipped with ZONE3 premium CAD-based 3D metrology software, which features a clear, simple user interface alongside a kinematic model that simulates the machine, part, fixtures and measuring sensor, updated in real time.

Productivity maximising tools, integrated GD&T functionality and visual validation of measurement intent offer speed and power to the measurement process.


Features include:

  • Dual optical paths for instant switching between large field and high zoom imaging
  • Available touch trigger probe, SP25 continuous contact scanning probe and patented on-axis TeleStar Plus interferometric through-the-lens laser
  • Select sensors may be mounted to the patented RDS rotational deployment mechanism, which places sensors precisely on the optical centerline so that full stage travel is accessible for measurement
  • Optional fourth and fifth axis rotary indexers provide high-speed part indexing for complete measurement automation


OGP multi-sensor inspection systems house best-in-class optical, laser and tactile sensors, automatically selecting the right tools for any given task in one routine and eliminating the need for multiple specialised measuring systems that are prone to human influence and error.

This greatly increases a manufacturer’s control over their production line, guarantees right-first-time goods and allows them to be brought to the marketplace much quicker.




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