Under pressure: How manufacturers can beat the COVID-19 production dilemma

Under pressure: How manufacturers can beat the COVID-19 production dilemma

From war and famine to natural disaster and economic crises, human history is littered with moments of extraordinary adversity.

What defines us as much as these moments themselves, however, is the way we recover from them – our determination to survive, triumph and embrace a new kind of normal where we can move forward with hope.

The COVID-19 crisis is a great turning point. Businesses in the UK and across the globe have been forced to take a step back and quickly re-think their strategies, evaluating how to both safeguard jobs and ensure economic prosperity in the months and years ahead.

Armed with Industry 4.0 technologies, engineers like those at OGP UK are leading this recovery in the hard-hit manufacturing sector. The factories of the future must achieve a never-before-seen level of remote interconnectivity and automation, where machines have the ability to analyse and communicate with both each other and their human co-workers, creating smoother processes and truly productive environments.

Helping businesses bounce back

Today, to meet the fast-changing requirements of an incredibly volatile market, it is more important than ever for manufacturers to innovate and diversify.

Staffing levels, operational capacity and supply chains have all been severely disrupted, but in many cases a high demand for their end products remains. The major challenge lies in the need to ensure optimum productivity, minimum scrap and right-first-time results on all projects, meeting the strict regulations of a variety of industries.

In line with the Government’s coronavirus Bounce Back Loan Scheme and Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS), OGP UK is committed to doing all it can to support manufacturers back to full health.

The company specialises in helping businesses producing precision parts to achieve accurate, reliable and repeatable measurement results for complete control of their production line and quality inspection needs.

OGP UK has announced a ‘buy now, pay nothing for 12 months’ scheme offering hard-pushed manufacturers an affordable way to access multi-sensor metrology solutions, with unprecedented discounts across the full product range.

Why choose OGP UK?

As the sole representative of OGP in the UK and Ireland for the past three decades, OGP UK’s know-how of its world-leading part measurement systems is unrivalled.

Our multi-sensor metrology solutions employ optimum-performance sensors and probes to complete the work of multiple traditional measuring systems (including CMMs, laser scanners and profile projectors), with ultimate precision.

The consequences of being able to collect more real-time measured data – and thus improve the detection of causal connections – are improved part quality and maximised throughput, accelerating time to market.

Not only will manufacturing processes be faster and more accurate than ever before, but costs will be reduced right down the production line.

Furthermore, OGP UK’s remote and fully-certified training courses will enhance users’ skills with its intuitive metrology software to ensure a business is getting the most from their machine.

Trade In

What are the benefits of multi-sensor metrology?

Speed: OGP multi-sensor inspection systems house world-leading optical, laser and tactile sensors, automatically selecting the right tools for any given task in one routine. Get 3D results extremely quickly, irrespective of part complexity or delicacy.

Accuracy: Working to sub-micron precision, OGP systems make more accurate data available to production engineers in real time empowers them to identify and rectify quality control flaws on the spot.

Throughput: With OGP machines data can be acquired up to three times faster than with a traditional co-ordinate measuring system, while large field-of-view optics and impressive bed sizes mean multiple parts can be measured simultaneously.

Repeatability: By providing live, accurate, consistent and holistic data directly on the shop floor, with no need to transport parts around the production environment, there is no room for subjectivity or human error.

Return on investment: As spindles continue to turn and machines continue to produce parts, the live data capture afforded by OGP technology allows early intervention when issues arise. This leads to reduced scrap, fewer production bottlenecks and less rework.

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