Top 7 Reasons for Using Multi-Sensor Measurement Equipment…

When it comes to quality control processes for manufacturers, OGP has been leading the way since the 1940s.

From optical systems through video inspection to 3D metrology software, its multi-sensor, non-contact technologies continue to set the industry standard.

If your business makes small parts and is not yet using an OGP SmartScope, here are seven reasons why it really should be…

quality control processes

  1. FASTER – thanks to their best-in-class optical, laser and tactile sensors, an OGP SmartScope completes the work of a traditional co-ordinate measuring machine, laser scanner and profile projector in a single routine, with no compromise on quality. Irrespective of the complexity of a part or component, the combination of multi-sensor technologies – backed up by intuitive ZONE3 software – delivers three-dimensional results extremely quickly on a huge variety of part features.


  1. MORE ACCURATE – we live in an era of miniaturisation, where new material developments and ever-tighter tolerances have made components increasingly challenging to manufacture. OGP products work to sub-micron precision in real time, meaning that production engineers are being empowered to identify and rectify quality control flaws on the spot.


  1. HIGHER THROUGHPUT – in a booming industry and an ultra-competitive marketplace, it’s important to get the edge over your competitors. With OGP SmartScopes data can be acquired up to three times faster than with a traditional co-ordinate measuring system, while large field-of-view optics and impressive bed sizes mean multiple parts can be measured simultaneously. The result is high-class products being turned out much quicker.


  1. BETTER REPEATABILITY – with a single OGP SmartScope, multi-sensor metrology automatically deploys sensors tuned to every feature being inspected. By providing live, accurate, consistent and holistic data directly on the shop floor, with no need to transport parts around the production environment, there is no room for human error and parts are right first time, every time.


  1. VALUE FOR MONEY – manufacturers who invest in multi-sensor metrology greatly increase control over their production and quality control processes – and we have a solution for businesses of all sizes. As cogs continue to turn and machines continue to produce parts, the live data capture afforded by OGP technology allows early intervention when issues arise. This not only leads to reduced scrap, fewer production bottlenecks and less rework, but boosts a firm’s reliability, reputation and potential for growth.


  1. LONGEVITY – OGP’s state-of-the-art technology is always retrofittable, meaning an investment in an OGP system is an investment for life. You can have complete confidence that your machine will maintain its capabilities at the highest level for decades to come.


  1. TOTAL PEACE OF MIND – Since 1989 we have been the sole representative of OGP in the UK and Ireland, meaning our product know-how is second to none. Backed by a dedicated team of vastly experienced industry experts and accredited to ISO 9001:2015, you can expect the highest standards of service, support and training tailored to your needs.

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