The benefits of multi-sensor metrology over manual measurement systems

Producing good parts is pivotal to any manufacturer – and the only way to guarantee the accuracy of those parts is by measuring them.

For many companies that means using a combination of manual measurement methods such as shadowgraphs, laser scanners, micrometers and height gauges. It’s often the way they’ve always done it – most operators have never known anything different.

A reliance on these traditional techniques is, however, fraught with danger. Today, the most successful manufacturing businesses have discovered a solution that guarantees the speed, quality and efficiency outcomes that can drive them forward into Industry 4.0.

For the past 30 years, OGP UK has been supplying field-leading multi-sensor metrology systems to industries such as aerospace, automotive, petrochemical and medical, helping to deliver measurement accuracy in a world where components are becoming smaller, more complex and increasingly difficult to make and inspect.

So what are the key benefits of multi-sensor metrology over manual measurement techniques? This infographic reveals all…


benefits of multi-sensor metrology


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