Stellar technology line-up for Southern Manufacturing 2020

State-of-the-art manufacturing technology on show at the first major industry show of the new decade.

OGP UK is set to exhibit on stand M220 at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics. The show, held from February 11 to 13 at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre, is a showcase of new advancements in machinery, production equipment, electronic production and assembly, tooling and components across a wide range of industries. Forming part of the Carfulan Group, witness a line up of best-in-class machines from across its four businesses, specialising in multi-sensor metrology from OGP UK, 3D printing, tool presetting and turned-part measurement respectively.

Engineers from the Carfulan Group – named one of 1,000 companies to inspire Britain by the London Stock Exchange Group for each of the past two years – are promising to prove to visitors how their world-leading technology can improve manufacturing processes by driving production efficiency, accuracy and profitability.

Carfulan Group Managing Director Chris Fulton said: “2019 was yet another hugely successful year for our companies, with more high-profile customers choosing to work with us and taking advantage of some incredible developments across our complementary technology portfolio.

“For example, we ended 2019 with an OGP UK open house where our team was able to demonstrate a number of UK exclusives in the metrology field, from the FlexPoint multi-sensor co-ordinate measurement machine to the ShapeGrabber – a metrology-class 3D scanner that’s breaking new ground in reverse engineering.

“Southern Manufacturing is always an excellent event and we look forward to having many more insightful conversations with those at the coal face of what makes British manufacturing great.”

cnc200 at Southern Manufacturing 2020OGP UK supplies multi-sensor metrology systems which can gauge the characteristics of even the most complex parts in real-time and without human error, leading to better quality, reduced scrap and allowing products to be brought into the marketplace faster.

It will be displaying the powerful CNC200 at the show – a machine capable of supporting a combination of touch probes, micro probes and laser scanners, maintaining the highest levels of accuracy while working even in the most hostile production environment.

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