‘Perfect for all industries’ – why the CNC 200 is sure to tick your part inspection boxes

Designed for use on the production floor and boasting advanced multi-sensor metrology capabilities, the powerful CNC range is one of OGP UK’s most popular technologies.

And it’s not difficult to see why.

Ideal for automatic dimensional measurement processes, these machines maintain the highest levels of accuracy in even the most hostile environments.

Features include a high-quality auto-calibrating zoom lens alongside illumination sources, a colour camera and your choice of advanced software packages.

Capable of supporting a combination of touch probes, micro probes and laser scanners, CNC models offer shop-floor quality control that is fast, precise, automatic and reliable.

Here, during a live measurement demo on a training part with around 30 features (including circles, lines and slots), we ask OGP UK Sales Manager about what makes the CNC 200 one of the stand-out solutions for quality control in manufacturing.

automatic dimensional measurement

What size of components can the CNC 200 measure?

“This particular machine has a range of 200mm by 200mm by 150mm. Throughout the CNC range we can go to 1,500mm by 660mm to 400mm in the Z axis, so we go from very small benchtop machines to large multi-sensor systems.

“This machine can be equipped with optical, tactile, lasers, white light sensors and, if you’re looking for very small bore measurements, we can use very small styli down to 0.127mm.

“It’s the perfect solution if you’re looking for multi-sensor technology.”


How quickly can parts be measured on the CNC 200?

“The machine is working with ZONE3 software, which is ideal for generation of programmes from a 3D model. A programme per component takes around 15 minutes to generate and the run time on the training part is around 40 seconds.

“The routine’s started by a simple start button and the software asks a series of questions. We can recall this data to analyse our manufacturing process.

“The machine will use optical measurement for measuring the flatness of the part and any kind of depth measurement required.

“We measure at a diameter and do around 150 points in about half a second. Anything inside the field of view of the machine can be measured in one hit, giving you rapid measurement using the optics of the machine.”


What makes the software that supports the CNC so intuitive?

“The software has the ability to define if the component has ingress or not and the measurement itself will be adjusted according to what’s been set in the paramaters of the machine.

“This programme takes about 40 seconds to run. The component can be replaced with a different coloured (of different material) one and the same routine ran again. The machine auto adjusts its lights to accommodate different materials and colours of components, allowing it to run seamlessly within your production environment.

“When the routine is finished the data is automatically populated into QC-CALC data collection software. This will tell you how your manufacturing process is going and if you have any trends towards worn tooling, or if you need to make any kind of adjustments the software will alert you to that particular problem.

“If something has gone out of control, we can rectify the problem within the production environment.”


What sort of companies are benefiting from multi-sensor metrology?

“These machines are perfect for all industries. The industries we serve are automotive, aerospace, medical, technical moulders, oil and gas, precision engineering – there are too many to mention.

“These machines will go into every industry and can be brought on site for a no-obligation demonstration of their capabilities.

“Come on – challenge us.”

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