The OGP Smartscope Vantage Advantage

As OGP’s flagship metrology machine, the Smartscope Vantage series offers manufacturers the highest standards of quality in their metrology processes. With new technologies on the rise, the Vantage aims to improve your production line quality checks whilst ensuring a thorough measurement process with the flexibility of adding additional and multiple sensors to suit future needs. The option of incorporating a number of different sensors and probes offers users of the Vantage a level of flexibility that manufacturers need moving forward into the ever-excelling world of manufacturing.

The Vantage is a long-standing favourite amongst manufacturers worldwide, offering advanced functions to innovate your processes as well as a number of desirable features, but how can this metrology solution change your production line?

Tier 2 automotive manufacturer Brandauer recently invested in two OGP Vantage machines, one for their in-house metrology needs another on behalf of their customer, KSR. Since introducing the OGP SmartScope Vantage to their production processes they have been impressed with the efficiency of its ability to measure complex features, Rowan Crozier, Brandauer’s CEO saw the advantage immediately, commenting, “Thanks to the effectiveness of the Vantage machines we are now reviewing all of our measurement methods.”

Smartscope Vantage

As one of many satisfied OGP UK customers, the Smartscope Vantage enabled Brandauer to acknowledge their need to update their current metrology solutions and take action, ultimately improving their production line with result of producing better products. Read the full Brandauer case study here.

Due to the Vantage’s ability to adapt to your measurement demands by incorporating additional sensors and probes to complete full three-dimensional measurement, it offers versatility and like no other. Carrying out the work of several machines the Vantage will suit any inspection process, delivering superior optical performance alongside the highest standards of accuracy, repeatability and speed in measurement operations.

This benchtop multisensory measurement system is specifically designed for production environments where space is limited. The Vantage is built to measure large volumes of smaller components with the highest levels of accuracy, with its rigid structural design providing full access to the measurement volume for fixturing flexibility.

This machine takes automatic measurement to optimised capability by incorporating the latest patented innovations in metrology systems. Using the industry-leading video measurement system including zoom Telestar™ optics or a combination of both contact or non-contact sensors, the SmartScope Vantage provides rapid and precise measurements whilst fitting anywhere in the manufacturing process from incoming inspection to final inspection with the unwavering aim of improving your bottom line.

From the benchtop 250 to the large volume 800, the Vantage is truly the ultimate multi-sensor measuring machine with its mechanical design and integrated finite element analysis (FEA) this range guarantees optimal accuracy and maximised throughput. Every Vantage benefits from integral ZONE3 multi-sensor metrology software, providing measurement and analysis in three dimensions throughout the entire inspection process, whilst also offering the operator a perfect balance between precision measurement functions and ease of use.

Automation is an important aspect of the Vantage range. With servo-driven / XY Liquid cooled linear motor drives and the ability to move parts and sensors quickly and precisely from feature to feature, as well as leading edge detection, advanced digital signal processing technology, optimised video algorithms, self-calibrating optics, automatic probe changes, and fully editable measurement routines, the Vantage has the full capability to automatically and precisely carry out three dimensional measurements of even the most complex components.

Other beneficial optional features include a high-resolution colour CCD camera, or a progressive scan grayscale camera. An assortment of contact and non-contact sensors is available on all models.


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