OGP UK ‘lifer’ toasts milestone anniversary in style

Senior Technical Specialist Darren Wright has been rewarded for 20 years’ loyal service to OGP UK by being presented with a Rolex watch.

The 48-year-old joined the company – then called DISC (GB) – back in the year 2000, when Facebook was still a pipe dream, George W Bush won the US presidential election and the very first series of Big Brother aired on Channel 4.

A former machine tool builder and then quality engineer at Matsuura, the dad of two was recruited by business founder Andy Fulton and interviewed by OGP UK Sales Manager Graham Shaw in a small factory unit in Hatton, where the firm was then based.

The rest, as they say, is history – and Darren revealed he still enjoys the job as much as ever.

“Joining the company at the time just seemed a really good opportunity,” he said. “From quality the natural progression is to go into applications and the varied nature of the work – as well as the world-leading technology – is what I find interesting.

“I find that I need to keep my mind active and challenged to maintain interest, and this is a job where every day is different. You can be measuring anything in the world, from aerospace parts to electronics, plastics and medical components.

“I wake up on a Monday morning and look forward to going to work and I’ve always been looked after well by the Fultons. They’ve always been good to me.”

A couple of years after Darren joined the business, which then had a core staff level of just 10, it focused on an opportunity as the sole UK sales and service representative for OGP Inc – a move that Darren describes as a ‘masterstroke.’

He added: “It was a tough decision for Andy and Angela Fulton but it totally changed the direction of the company, leading to us moving from a little factory unit to a purpose-built facility. It’s so nice to work in this environment.

“I’m a lifer! I’m enjoying what I’m doing and can’t ever see me leaving OGP – I’ve known everyone for such a long time and it feels like a family.

“I’m very grateful for the support I’ve always been given and I absolutely love the watch.”

Carfulan Group Directors Chris and Matt Fulton said: “Darren has proved himself to be dedicated to both OGP UK and its customers over two decades, witnessing some major changes to the business during that time.

“His knowledge and experience are invaluable to the company and it’s only fitting that we pass on our most sincere gratitude for all of his hard work on this special occasion.”

Congratulations, Darren!

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