Technology for every task: How our subcontract multi-sensor measuring machines make perfect business sense.

How our subcontract multi-sensor measuring machines make perfect business sense.

As the sole representative of OGP in the UK and Ireland for the past three decades. OGP UK’s know-how of its world-leading part measurement systems is unrivaled. The multi-sensor measuring machines ensure optimum performance and functionality of multiple machines.

Our multi-sensor metrology solutions employ optimum-performance sensors and probes to complete the work of a traditional co-ordinate measuring machine. It combines this with a laser scanner and profile projector, with ultimate precision.

In the heart of the UK in Derbyshire, our Innovation Centre headquarters is a state-of-the-art demonstration and production facility hosting SmartScope measurement technology from across the OGP range.

Having such capabilities on site has led to a new arm of our business. We are now able to utilise the skills of our engineers to offer subcontract measurement services. These are to companies requiring part inspection support.

As well as offering a helping hand to those whose staffing levels, operations and supply chains have been disrupted by the coronavirus crisis. We hope the availability of our technology will provide a long-term shot in the arm for manufacturers requiring extra capacity.

Multi-sensor measuring machines: What can they offer you?

Detailed data about even the most demanding components and features. All can be collected quickly and reliably by highly trained and UKAS-accredited engineers. This gives you comprehensive feedback and complete peace of mind in the accuracy of the results.

Utilising an impressive technology suite in a temperature-controlled environment. OGP UK can help with:

dimensional measurement
component measurement
non-destructive inspection
first article inspection
gauge R&R on parts up to 0.5m3.
With support offered to a wide range of industries such as medical, aerospace, automotive or packaging. Manufacturers of precision parts can benefit from shorted production cycles and improved quality control.

Whether it’s medical, aerospace, automotive or packaging, manufacturers of precision parts can benefit from shorter production cycles and improved quality control whatever their application.

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Our measurement machines: The variety of systems we have on-site caters for every need.


CNC 500 (Measuring range: 500 x 450 x 200mm. Optics, probe and laser. ZONE3 software)

Boasting advanced multi-sensor metrology capabilities, the powerful CNC range is ideal for automatic dimensional measurement processes.

Features include a high-quality auto-calibrating zoom lens alongside illumination sources, a colour camera and advanced software packages for ultimate video measurement performance.

Capable of supporting a combination of touch probes, micro probes and laser scanners, CNC systems offer fast, precise and reliable quality control to deliver high component throughput.Smartscope-CNC-500 multi-sensor measuring machines

Sprint MVP 300 (Measuring range: 300 x 300 x 150mm. Optics and touch probe)

The MVP maintains uncompromisingly high standards of fully automatic 3-axis measurement performance, using the advanced software and top-quality components typical across the world-leading OGP range.

Equipped with a video sensor, it has the option for additional sensors (eg touch probe) for added versatility and has a large measurement volume to cater for bulkier parts.

The Sprint MVP is about maximum output and affordability.OGP Sprint Machine multi-sensor measuring machines

SP 332 (Measuring range: 300 x 300 x 250mm. Optics, probe and laser. ZONE3 software)

The SP’s superior mechanics are specifically designed to optimise the dynamic data acquisition critical to effective scanning probe performance.

Its optics combine a wide-field objective lens, optical zoom and 5-megapixel monochrome digital camera, providing a distortion-free 16mm diagonal field of view at low zoom, with high resolution at high zoom. Powerful illumination sources ensure sharp and accurate imaging whatever the task.

With best-in-class image-processing capabilities, the SP’s exclusive FeatureFinder tool uses higher order edge analysis for each lighting condition, ensuring precision performance for a wide range of part features and finishes.Smartscope SP 332 Machine multi-sensor measuring machine

Vantage 450 (Measuring range: 450 x 610 x 400mm. Optics, probe, laser and dual rotaries. ZONE3 software)

Each multi-sensor, non-contact quality control system in OGP’s flagship Vantage range guarantees premium quality, premium capability, unrivalled precision and peerless performance for every metrology task, regardless of component complexity.

Featuring a combination of self-calibrating TeleStar optics alongside best-in-class lasers and probes, the machines automatically select the right tool for the job at hand and seamlessly deliver hundreds of part measurements in 3D graphical displays

Reliable data collection – through intuitive ZONE3 software – gives manufacturers complete control over production. Any issues can be remedied quickly so that throughput is increased, waste is reduced and profitability is maximised.

Leading-edge detection, patented LED illumination, advanced digital signal processing technology, optimised video algorithms and fully editable measurement routines are productivity enhancing features in every Vantage.OGP Vantage 450 multi-sensor measuring machine

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