More Than 70 Years of Innovation – The Story of OGP

OGP can trace its roots back to 1945 in Buffalo, New York, when a new company was formed to support the fledgling optical comparator industry.

In those very early days, as part of a working relationship with Eastman Kodak, it played its part in the introduction of the telecentric relay lens principle, which is still regarded as the optical system of choice for high-precision optical systems.

In the seven-plus decades since, OGP has been a global pioneer in non-contact and multi-sensor measurement, its market-leading technologies acting as a growth engine for manufacturers everywhere.


At OGP UK we are proud to have been the company’s sole representative in the UK and Ireland since 1989, meaning our product know-how is second to none.

Here are some of the innovations that have helped to make OGP what it is today:

  • 1956 – Projectron, the world’s first electronic edge detection system for optical comparators, is introduced. Using photocell technology and analogue circuitry, it foreshadows the need for automation in the inspection industry.
  • 1966 – OGP/Ex-Cell-O introduces the first practical high intensity arc lamps, making optical inspection at high magnifications possible for the first time.
  • 1967 – The world’s first video inspection system, the AG Model 875, debuts.
  • 1975 – Automation takes another step forward with the introduction of CLIP (Closed Loop Incremental Positioner). The automated positioning of comparator worktables can now be accomplished without the need for external controllers.
  • 1977 – OGP patents the mercury arc surface illuminator, with its unique paraboloidal reflector enabling high magnification inspection of surface details for the first time.
  • 1980 – A new era in optical metrology opens with the introduction of the Vidicom Qualifier 863. This remarkable machine combines solid state electronics, greyscale image processing and programmable magnification into an affordable, non-contact measuring system.
  • 1982 – OGP begins its global expansion through working arrangements with Yamamoto & Co in Japan, and CE Johansson in Sweden.
  • 1986 – The Intelligent Qualifier 2000 is introduced as one of the world’s first multi-sensor co-ordinate measurement systems. The IQ-2000 can be equipped with vision, touch probe and laser scanning sensors.
  • 1991 – SmartScope brings fully automatic 3D measuring to the benchtop at half the price of previous systems. Its colour camera, programmable zoom lens and easy-to-use software quickly make it the world’s most popular non-contact measuring system.
  • 1996 – SmartRing is introduced. This patented, multiple-ring LED illuminator offers unparalleled flexibility for video measuring systems.
  • 2001 – New TeleStar zoom lens designed and built specifically for precision video metrology provides a phenomenally clear high contrast image with virtually zero distortion.
  • 2003 – OGP debuts its most advanced, highest accuracy multi-sensor metrology video measurement machine, the SmartScope Quest 650.
  • 2005 – Optical Gaging Products ships its 1000th SmartScope Flash 200 personal metrology system.
  • 2011 – Introduction of the QVI SNAP – the first full-function digital measurement machine.
  • 2014ZONE3 Metrology Software is introduced – the first 3D CAD-based metrology software that combines all metrology software functionality into one comprehensive package designed to work with SmartScope systems.
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