How putting the customer first helps to make sure they come back

There’s an old saying about trust. It takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.

In business, a high level of trust is reflected in brand loyalty. When customers choose to keep coming back, as well as advocating products and services to others, the result is a healthy bottom line and continued growth.

Since its inception 30 years ago, with an objective of offering services to co-ordinate measurement machine users, OGP UK has placed the highest value on client relationships.

It’s one of the reasons that, in those early days, globally recognised names such as Land Rover, Rolls-Royce and Ford commissioned the company to oversee the maintenance of all of their machines, kick-starting a chain of events that led to OGP UK becoming known as a leading supplier of world-class multi-sensor metrology technology.


Precision, Performance, Perfected

Ingrained into our culture are the ‘three Ps’ – Precision, Performance, Perfected. These values commit us to working hand in hand with manufacturers to push innovation boundaries at every stage of the production process, empowering them to make the best products they possibly can in the most efficient way available.

Alongside an unrivalled level of service, OGP UK is equipping its customers to excel in a world of constant evolution, where parts are becomingly increasingly complex to make and accuracy of inspection is paramount.

Sales Manager Graham Shaw said: “Customer care is the most important thing we do. If you don’t do it well and develop trust, you simply won’t sell any more equipment.

“We focus on the whole OGP experience. The journey is only just beginning when a machine is installed. If a customer has an issue they know where to turn and we take full responsibility for helping them to overcome it.

“We always get to the bottom of a problem. We just don’t let it go. Further down the line, if clients require new capabilities or are taking on new projects, they don’t go out to the marketplace to see what solutions are available – they come to us as trusted advisers in both hardware and software.

“That’s what’s allowed the company to grow from day one. We have 15-year-old machines out in the field which are still being calibrated and used regularly.”

As the sole representative of OGP in the UK and Ireland, our product know-how is second to none and has seen our engineers deliver for multi-national corporations and independent engineering houses alike.

When Gillette faced an issue with consistency over the sharpness and geometry of blades on its Mach 3 razor, for example, they worked with the company to develop a precision measuring process that became a worldwide production solution.

Our technology also developed a process to help deliver exactly the right amount of spray from each push of an aerosol valve for Unilever, as well as the exact drug dosage dispensed from an asthma inhaler for GlaxoSmithKline.

Companies such as global medical technology giant BD Pharmaceuticals, which started with a single OGP unit, now has 14. Medical device manufacturer Owen Mumford has nine and aerospace component specialist Winbro Group three.

OGP Innovation Centre

Today, OGP UK’s purpose-built 4,000 sq ft Innovation Centre has expanded its capabilities further and is helping to meet growing customer expectations.

It’s a space in which creativity is encouraged, where we can test concepts and applications away from a client’s own workplace to minimise disruption, ironing out every wrinkle before our bespoke solutions are installed at their premises.

Such a dynamic environment supports the latest technology and the sort of precision testing that the modern arena demands, as well as providing the perfect stage for our dedicated, factory-trained and accredited service team to conduct fully certified training.

It enables a way of working that sets OGP UK apart, uniting us with customers to conceive solutions specifically suited to their businesses so they are able to reap maximum benefit from an investment with us right from the start.

Mr Shaw added: “With 50 to 60 per cent of new business coming from existing customers, the figures speak for themselves.

“We know they are happy and that we’re getting it right.”

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