Get in the Zone with OGP UK’s Latest Metrology Software- ZONE3

ZONE3 introduces the world’s most comprehensive software package yet.

As a next-generation metrology software, for use in conjunction with our SmartScope multi-sensor metrology systems, ZONE3 offers full 3D CAD-based programming in a multi-sensor measurement environment. It includes the full range of geometric measurement capabilities alongside advanced features such as automatic path generation, animation-assisted alignment tools, real-time virtual machine kinematics, a graphical sensor builder, as well as a universal construction tool.

ZONE3 can be configured for specific user needs, offering custom user forms and variables, report formatting, dynamic reporting with measurement result inaccuracies displayed on the 3D part model, and part family programming. This powerful metrology software can also feature integral GD&T evaluation, with animated GD&T tolerance zones and simultaneous requirement analysis (ZONE3 PRO).


Zone3 metrology software

The software provides a completely new way of working with multisensor metrology systems by combining all metrology software functionality into one comprehensive package that allows the user to take CAD data and use it to program and report against, thus speeding up measurement processes. Exclusively available for OGP SmartScope Vantage, Flash, ZIP and Quest metrology systems, this software does not require extensive training due to its ease of use. Featuring 3D CAD programming, live interactive date reporting, auto-path creation for sensors and kinematic model simulation, ZONE3 software will benefit you enormously by speeding up process time.

ZONE3 metrology software enables the user to operate SmartScope multisensory systems with video, laser touch, and scanning probes because it is designed to work with any combination of sensors so that designation of a primary sensor is unnecessary. Seamlessly integrating all sensors and deployment mechanisms, ready for use in any order which allows you to select the most appropriate measurement probe per part feature. Whilst automatic routine generation speeds up processes, accepting all native format CAD models and also allowing operators to load multiple CAD files if required, programming it faster and easier than ever before with ZONE3’s ‘Apply to Similar’ feature.

The advanced software is also available in an offline version which allows for CAD programming as a completely separate workstation, eliminating unnecessary use of the machine for programming.

Good to know: ZONE3 PRO incorporates the same features as the ZONE3 but combines additional advanced properties that include simultaneous evaluations, advanced programming and reporting, variables and scripting.


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