Faster measurements in a Flash with the CNC 200

They say that good things come in small packages – and that’s certainly true of OGP’s Flash CNC 200.

The smallest member of the CNC SmartScope family, this full-featured automatic measurement system’s advanced design and embedded computer mean it takes up minimal space on a benchtop while providing an impressive 200mm x 200mm x1 50mm stage travel.

In fact, models across the entire CNC range have been crafted for use on the production floor, guaranteeing the highest levels of accuracy when gathering data about parts – even in the most hostile environments.

Patented innovations let you do more, and do it faster. The computer-controlled LED array backlight tracks X-axis motion of the optics with no moving parts, while a SmartRing light affords ultimate flexibility in surface illumination.

A high-quality AccuCentric zoom lens that auto-compensates with every magnification change comes as standard.

Add touch probe, laser, and micro probes into the equation and the CNC 200 is a fully fledged multi-sensor metrology system, utilising automatic sensor deployment and advanced software packages for superior measurement performance.

CNC 200 Flash


Quality measurements on a whole new level

Manufacturers who opt for the CNC 200 or other models from the CNC range can expect huge benefits in measurement speed, accuracy and repeatability, driving up productivity and delivering a rapid return on their investment.

Here are just a few examples…



The challenge: Customers demanding more accurate 3D measurements than could be delivered using traditional methods such as Vernier calipers, micrometers and shadowgraphs, which are slow, subjective and prone to human error.

The solution: Non-contact video measurement using an OGP CNC machine, which does not touch, compress or move the springs being measured and therefore gives a more accurate and definite assessment.

Will Hayes, Quality Manager at West Bromwich-based Adwin, said: “We started to see the benefits within the first month. A lot of our parts, as we’re doing process inspection, were programmed up very quickly and then the machine runs the programme in 30 seconds rather than the five minutes it took checking things on a shadowgraph.

“Other than a major improvement on process inspection and the time saved on writing reports and producing first-off inspections, it’s also drastically improved the quality of the product we send to our customers. It’s completely eliminated any sort of inaccuracies.”



The challenge: Customers in highly competitive industries such as aerospace, medical and packaging demanding instant and error-free measurement results.

The solution: When Torus couldn’t access a complex part feature for a long-standing customer, it turned to a CNC machine and its powerful lighting capabilities to deliver the results it needed.

Dean Richardson, an Inspection Services Engineer at Telford-based Torus, said: “The hardware is absolutely fantastic. We struggled with our previous equipment in the sense that we would occasionally have to go back and re-set a part of the programme, but that’s not something we’ve ever had to do with the OGP. In a shop-floor scenario it does the same programme day in, day out without fail and that gives us confidence.

“We’re now able to offer a more complete measurement solution for our customers. It allows them to have more confidence in us, meaning they’re more likely to come back to us, and it also means that for our reputation it’s very positive because our customers will spread the word.”



The challenge: A need to accurately and rapidly check components, to a level which was not proving possible using traditional inspection methods because the parts are made to difficult tolerances on feature size, position and form.

The solution: Intuitive and ergonomic CNC machine’s automatic, self-calibrating AccuCentric zoom lens and SmartRing LED white lights can pinpoint light from an infinite number of directions to detect exactly the correct feature, providing unrivalled inspection results.

John Snell, Manufacturing Team Leader at Coventry-based Meggitt, said: “The original target was to expect a return on our investment with OGP UK within three years, but this was easily achieved within two. In addition, inspection cycle times have been reduced and the data is used to further improve our manufacturing processes.

“The integrity of our quality control is paramount as our products range from large carbon brake discs to tiny stainless steel or titanium components used in hydraulics and activation systems.”

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