Choose the NEW Spark MVP for Fine Feature Measuring

As micro-manufacturing continues to take off, the development of micro machining and the printing of ever-smaller mechanisms makes measurement of these parts more complex than ever before.

The smaller the feature sizes and tighter tolerances, the higher the demand becomes for measurement accuracy and precision in quality control applications.

fine feature measuringThe solution? Introducing the Spark MVP non-contact optical measuring system, ideal for fine feature measuring of micro-parts with the latest and most advanced optical technology. Ensuring that you are equipped to meet the unique requirements posed by extremely small feature sizes.

The Spark MVP combines a compact and reliable measurement platform with a powerful high resolution fixed lens optics system, providing the precision you need to inspect even the smallest part features.

With interchangeable lenses, the Spark MVP allows operators to configure the magnification and field-of-view size to perform optimally on any measurement application. The Spark’s digital megapixel colour camera generates high-resolution images with the added flexibility of multiple digital zoom levels. While the machine’s three standard light sources provide maximum illumination for the measurement of fine features.

In addition, the Spark MVP offers an optional through-the-lens laser, with no offset between the laser and optical paths, therefore reducing stage motion and providing overall faster measurement routines. Other options such as a focus grid projector and a touch probe sensor also extend the Spark MVP’s capabilities for a broad range of applications.

The result? With its high magnification optical systems and additional sensors, the Spark MVP successfully enables high accuracy measurements to be carried out on a multitude of parts commonly found in the Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace and Medical industries.

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